GSM Aladdin Dongle v2 - Supported Features:
  • MTK
  • MTK read pattern code (no ADB, no root)
  • MTK reset user code (Add Facelock) (no ADB, no root)
  • MTK repair WiFi
  • MTK enable languages
  • MTK Android format, read flash
  • MTK back phonebook (EMMC)
  • MTK Nokia - read/write, format, read password
  • MTK MT6572/6571 Nand - read pattern and phonebook
  • MTK 6595 support
  • MTK 6583/9 support (new boot)
  • MTK MT6753/6735 EMMC - read, write, EMMC reset code, read pattern
  • SPD SC7730/31 - write flash, read/write NV, Repair IMEI, read user code (pattern) no ADB, no root
  • SPD SC7730/31 - back phonebook (EMMC)
  • SPD SC7715- format, read and write IMEI/NV
  • SPD SC7730/7731 - read pattern code, format
  • SPD SC8830 EMMC - write, format, read and write IMEI/NV, read phonebook
  • SPD SC7715 Nand - read pattern and phonebook
  • HTC read info (Android)
  • HTC NCK/NSCK unlock (Android)
  • HTC SIMnlock (Desire C)
  • HTC 0make Goldcard (Android)
  • Huawei Qualcomm - SP unlock, reset/write security
  • Huawei MTK - unlock, repair IMEI
  • Huawei HiSilicon - read /write NV, write flash
Samsung (Old Models)
  • Samsung - flash, unlock, repair IMEI
  • Samsung Sprint unlock
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